Triumph TR2, & TR3 - All models (including 3A & 3B) 1953 to 1962: Essential Buyer's Guide por Alastair Conners

October 22, 2019

Triumph TR2, & TR3 - All models (including 3A & 3B) 1953 to 1962: Essential Buyer's Guide por Alastair Conners

Titulo del libro: Triumph TR2, & TR3 - All models (including 3A & 3B) 1953 to 1962: Essential Buyer's Guide

Autor: Alastair Conners

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Críticas Most of us will be familiar with Veloce's 'Essential Buying Guide' series. This latest edition to the range completes the TR line-up by examining all TR2 and TR3 models from 1953-1962. It follows the regular format that includes a 15-minute evaluation, the key points of where to look for problems and a more detailed 60-minute examination of potential purchases. it also includes values, restoration advice and details of what the cars are like to live with. It is a pocket-sized book that aims big - as it says on the cover, it is the complete guide to choosing, assessing and buying the TR2 or TR3 of your dreams. - Triumph World. It's surprising how much detailed information and photos can be squeezed into just 64 sides but this is the ideal companion for someone considering a purchase. It discusses if it is the right car for you and how much is it likely to cost before delving into the practicalities of viewing and what to look for in a prospective TR purchase. If I were looking for one of the Side-screen TR's I would have no hesitation in taking this pocket-sized Essential Guide along with me. - Standard Motor Club. This book is aimed at anyone considering buying one of these early models, and guides you quickly and effectively through the pitfalls, known issues and problem areas to look out for; all in an accessible and readable style. If you are considering buying an early TR then as the title suggests, this book is an essential purchase. If you are not, it is a great insight into the origins of the TR species. - SIXappeal. If I had the room and the money, there'd be one sitting in my garage and thanks to this little book, I now know how to get a good one. TR Driver it is perfectly designed to be a handy ""field guide"" that buyers may easily carry with them when inspecting potential purchases. TR Action Reseña del editor The Triumph TR2 and TR3 were the heralds of a long-running line of Triumph Sports Cars, culminating in the futuristic TR7 of the 1970s. They were truly sporting cars, suitable for competition and enjoyable fast road motoring. The quintessential British Sports Car of the 1950s, more than 83,000 side-screen TRs were produced, which contributed greatly to British manufacturing prestige - and the postwar economy - with approximately 90% being exported, principally to the USA and Canada. This book is written with the sole aim of giving prospective buyers key knowledge to choose the best example available according to budget. It covers models TR2, TR3, TR3A, and the rare TR3B, produced between 1953 and 1962. All aspects of the car are examined in detail and with many illustrations to back up the text. There is also advice on such matters as non-period modifications. Since the 1980s, the TR models have become finite in number, much cherished by owners, and increased in value, making it very important to know and understand the points to look for, as well as the potential pitfalls of choosing a rogue example. Having bought an imported TR3a, restoring it and preparing it for racing, the author is also a TR2/TR3 consultant for Club Triumph, and a regular contributor to its magazine, making him well-placed to guide you through finding and choosing the best model for you. Ver Descripción del producto